by The Good View

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The debut album of the Dutch rock band The Good View
Mixed at Peggy51 studio, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, The Netherlands


released December 1, 2015

The Good View:

Sanne Groot Koerkamp: drums
Dennis Schierboom: bass guitar
Martijn Eskinasi: guitar
Willem de Haan: guitar, piano, backing vocals
Wander Catshoek: vocals



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The Good View Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Good View is an alternative rock band from the Netherlands, founded in 2012. Contact us if you're interested in booking us.

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Track Name: Killers
I sometimes think about the killers
They broke the peace and they conquered the east
How can a system be so bad, and the outcome so sad

Can't get my head around the killers
Their uniforms in black, their enemies in check
They put people into hell, how their bodies fell

I'm so happy to live in another time
I'm so happy to live in another time

People still talking about the killers
They destroyed more, than anyone before
A continent in flames, would never be the same

I'm so happy to live in another time
I'm so happy to live in another time

I think that I could never stop the killers
Their tanks were fast but their empire didn't last
Some people did survive, they were haunted all their lives

By the killers
Track Name: Gemini
All alone on a desert highway
You had it all, but threw it all away
At night you look up at the cloudless sky
Searching for the galactic gemini

All is lost and you don't know where to go
The desert awaits to give you the final blow
Searching for directions, the east and the west
The gemini awaits you, lay your head and rest

You lost your shoes and the sand burns your skin
The gemini whispers at you to give in
To the soothing sounds of the sand below
You lay down in the sand and here we go
Track Name: Rip it up
You think your being followed and you worry all the time
You worry to the left and you worry to the right
You're living in the rain and you're hiding from the sun
You're watching television and you're getting nothing done

Have you ever considered living in a different way
That helps you to get through the nights and also through the days
Cause life is just a mirror of your state of mind
And you will suffer endlessly if you worry all the time
Track Name: The escapist
I never been one of the incrowd
Always was the lost one, hanging around
The center of attention never attracted me
That's why I hang around in the periphery

Don't catch me, cause you won't
Don't love me, cause you can't
Don't hold your breath for me
Just let me be free

I'm the escapist
Track Name: Jigsaw piece
Try to understand the shape of things
I couldn't cut loose from the state that I am in
Feeling like a sandstorm met an earthquake in my mind
Or a stampede of rhinoceroses charging from behind

Tried to understand this mess I'm in
Don't know where to end it but I know where to begin
Going on a rampage and reclaim myself
Looking for my spirit and I'm doing it well

I'm a human jigsaw, the pieces are gone
Been searching myself for god knows how long
I can find myself if I search really hard
Now I'm knocking on your door, it's a very good start

Can't someone help me please
For somewhere there's a jigsaw
That's missing a piece
Track Name: Slow days
Wake up in the light
There's no need to fight
I'm going to get it right
From the morning until the night

Everything in time
Hurrying a crime
Please don't make a sound
Sleep the clock around

Slow days, give me those slow days
Time has come to rest my weary head in that lucky old sun
My way, I want it my way
Isn't that what everyone wants.